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I'm Nicci. And no I won't tell you my age. I like Simple Plan. Get over it. I go to Lyman Hall High in Wallingford. My favorite pairing? Pierre/David. Or David/Pierre. They're just adorable together.
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Making only one NON f.o. post [ Saturday, 04.23.05

Alright. Someone asked on a community I'm on where the links to the previous chapters in my David/Chuck fic are because they can't find them. If you are interested in reading it, like I know some of you are, here are the links.



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[ Thursday, 03.03.05
[ mood | ALLOOOOOOO! ]

1. Comment to be added. And if that don't work, add me, I'll read your journal, THEN maybe I'll add you back.

2. If you don't like slash, then don't reply. Most of my stuff is currently slash.

3. If you don't like Simple Plan or Good Charlotte, get to steppin.

4. No drama.

5. Have fun.

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